My blog has moved!

On Monday (9th of August 2010) my blog moved to its new location on a WordPress.org powered blog, philosophy.christopher-roberts.co.uk.

This is because WordPress.org allows me to modify the blog a lot more. For example, I now have many plugins, which unfortunately WordPress.com cannot currently support.

Why not head over and have a look at my new Philosophy Blog!


Ignorance is Bliss.

Not to a good philosopher!

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Remember that, always. It can help with anything from failure to death. Cope with it, and you will be stronger because of it.

Openness and the ability to adapt and try new things is the key to success.

A good philosopher questions everything.
Acceptance is ignorance.

Without questioning we would not be were we are today. Lets take the world In cave man day’s for example. They had a very 1D world – survival, and that was about it. When people thought, actually thought about the world, it seemed flat, so they accepted it. A 2D view, choosing what appears correct, and assuming that it is.

Now I believe that we live in a 3D world, we question things to more of a degree, and hence have seen that the world is not flat, but round. In the future who knows, but I don’t think that humanity have not reached their full philosophical capacity just yet.

Mistakes can be learning devices or setbacks. It up to you how you cope with them.

We all make mistakes, as we are human!

If you strive to fail, and succeed what have you done, failed or succeeded?